Don’t let the Headaches Distract you.

The throbbing...pounding... sensation of a splitting headache is an all too accepted condition for millions of people each day. Some suffer with headaches, several times a month; others even more often. A headache can be a distraction, which affects your job and your family life. HEADACHES are not a normal condition.

Many people resort to pills to temporarily dull the pain. Unfortunately, relief is often fleeting, and the cycle returns, again and again. It seems that, no matter how many pills we take, if the cause of the problem is not identified and treated, the headaches will continue.

Although many things can cause a headache including sinus problems and alcohol, the most common condition is caused by muscle tension. The brain, itself, does not register the ache of a headache, but there are nerves, veins, and arteries that are wrapped around the head. If these cranial nerves are compressed, pulled or irritated, a headache can be the result. Help is often possible!

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