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This comment is a reprint of a testimonial on Dr. Todd's facebook page from a satisfied mom regarding her child's care: "If anyone has a child or knows a child who suffers from ear infections, I would like you to consider Chiropractic Care! My 9 month old started with an ear infection 1 month ago and after 2 antibiotics, it still was not better. Last week I decided to go to my chiropractor and at the first adjustment, he was able to feel a problem related to her left infected ear. After a few adjustments, I am so happy to say that her pediatrician checked her this morning and it is completely healed! I am so grateful that we are avoiding a trip to Children's thanks to Dr. Todd and Dr. Jason!" .

- Kami Milne Good

"I wanted to thank you for your help with my 'piriformis syndrome'. I have struggled with running, biking and even working because of the pain in my legs and back since the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2014. I was not able to run more than a 1/2 mile without pain. I went to see two chiropractors because they've helped me before. They didn't help this time and I was kind of apprehensive trying the 'PulStar' manipulations since I always liked hands on. Well you have been awesome in getting me back on the road to recovery. I can now run 6 miles without pain and look forward to competing in more 1/2 marathons and triathlons with your help. Also, thank you for really listening to me and getting to the root of the problems and really showing sincere care in my adjustments. I'll be back and I am referring my family and friends to use your services. I'm a very happy patient."

Thank you,
- Pati Livengood/triathlete/photographer

A recent patient shared with us how valuable the Aloe Vera Juice is in helping her with stomach upset and gastrointestinal distress. She said she noticed a difference with the first dose and as she has continued to use the product, she has seen further improvements! The product is Aloe Vera Juice from entrenet Nutritionals. Our office carries it in three flavors: Strawberry, Orange and Peach.

- Thankful Patient

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